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DEG Administration

Danny Gredinbert
(302) 423-0207

What is the DEG? The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) is an initiative that was developed to help improve the quality and accuracy of collision repair estimates, through proactive feedback from the collision repair industry and other “end users” to the Information Providers (IPs) that supply the databases for the various estimating products. The DEG is created, equally funded and maintained by the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP) and the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

Today’s estimating databases are large and complex, and the task of building complete and accurate labor times and labor notes for the thousands of operations we perform on existing and newly introduced vehicle models is a difficult and ongoing challenge. The reality is that only a very small fraction of the labor values within these products are based on actual physical time studies; all three Information Providers utilize a variety of methodologies to develop the labor values in their product. This can at times result in information that does not accurately reflect the real world labor requirements of a repair operation which in turn can hinder the ability of an average estimator to consistently produce accurate repair estimates or “blueprints” that match the actual repair process.

We believe that the repairs actually performed in our repair facilities represent a large untapped potential to collect and submit “field study” data back to the Information Providers. The DEG is designed to offer estimating system users a more standardized and streamlined process for the generation of Database Inquiries (DI). The DEG Administration serves an advocacy role, processing all submitted Database Inquiries until they reach conclusion. In addition, as an industry first, you will now be able to view all Database Inquiries that have been submitted through the DEG by other product users in relation to the estimating products of CCC, Mitchell and Audatex, including those generated through the DEG by other product users. You will also be able to view the responsiveness of the Information Providers as it relates to the Database Inquiries raised by the end-users of their products.

The DEG is also your advocate for various other database issues beyond labor database inquiries. It will work closely with other entities such as, but not limited to,  AASP, ASA, SCRS, and the CIC Database Task Force in addressing macro database issues, all for the sole purpose of motivating improved estimating and blueprinting platforms. Your feedback on this website and any database issues you feel need to be addressed is strongly encouraged. We are confident that you will find the website easy to use, that the process will result in direct benefits to you, and that on a regular basis you will submit to the DEG any issues you feel need to be addressed.

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