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John Thorton


John Thorton


About John Thorton

During the day, John Thornton can be found driving around the Chicago area working as a mobile diagnostic technician. At night and on the weekends? Thornton is inspiring technicians throughout the Midwest with his lectures delivered through Automotive Seminars. People come from far and wide to hear Thornton speak.

When Thornton isn’t running his mobile diagnostic company or teaching classes at night or on the weekends, he’s working on vehicles for research purposes. It’s not unusual for Thornton to spend a Saturday working on vehicles to better understand certain systems or the specifics that a tech would need to know to understand what’s going on. By researching and performing the diagnostics himself, Thornton is better equipped to go into the classroom and explain to others how to do it.

Through his mobile diagnostic business and research, Thornton has an arsenal of experience that he uses as case study examples to keep his audience engaged.

Beyond his extensive knowledge of the subject matter and dedication to providing relevant and engaging topics, Thornton stands out as an instructor because of his approach to teaching.

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