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Our Mission is to Simply Eliminate Credit Card Fees for You.Facepay is a one of a kind innovative product for small businesses. It bridges the gap between your customers and direct debit.

The Facepay application is built using smart contracts on the custom deployment of Libra blockchain, making payments reliable and safe. All users, merchants, and transactions that comprise the platform are written using contracts and are inherently secure.

The Truth About Credit Card Fees and Your Bottom Line…

Credit card companies, mobile vendors, and payment platforms all charge excessively high merchant fees, which are typically around 2.9%. Merchants will tell you this number is misleading because it is often represented with respect to total revenue. The fees are actually an eye opening 25% of net profits. This is why small businesses feel the sting! Paid fees are not used towards customer service, business operations, or even fraud detection—it goes straight to the credit card companies' pockets!

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